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Originally Posted by Stormbitch View Post
Yep the Focal Speakers were 250 ish and I had an amp already

But if you said to them - WCA - could you do me a 550 upgrade same as the old BMW alpine , they might be able to help - I call this stage one.

I think I paid 450 but then note I already had the AMP - Ebay has millions of unwanted amps being sold by total anoraks who want the latest.

It is so much worth it - Definately worth spending 500 - 600 to start with and under a 1000 will prob add mental bass under the seats. Which I might add.

ALWAYS keep bass INSIDE a car... or it unbalances the sound. In the f10 you want to keep it "hi fi" BMW ish

BTW they fixed my issue... FREE!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! It was a setting.. nice quiet gongs now.
Cheers Stormbitch - thanks for the info. Defo food for thought.
Also glad you got the issue sorted