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Originally Posted by L7AS View Post
Hey guys, I did not have before and after dynos. I was quite busy back then. I was going to get one few days ago, but I decided to change to JB4 Stage 2. My brother just got a 640i GC, and I decided to give the ETG tune to him (Jags Gill himself reprogrammed the box for the F07), and get the JB4 stage 2.
Also, we can adjust the boost in the ETG tune by using flathead screwdriver. Default is set at "6", but if you ever fill the car with race gas, try and set it to "7". It should increase the gain by 4%.

Alan - the ECU was not removed. it was the same PnP tune.

Some differences I notice between them:
- ETG pushes the car harder on higher RPMs (around 4+), whereas the JB4 has more power on lower RPMs.
- In terms of lag, the JB4 has lesser.

I would try to get dynos on my brother's car (ETG) and mine (JB4 S2), and post them.
Not anytime soon though.
So you think the Jb4 is better than the ETG? I talked to Jags today.....I guess the quest for a proper n55 tune continues. I'm running jb4 stage1 but really looking for an ecu tune..