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Thumbs up Not a scam, my attorney checked it out

Hey fellow BMW lovers, I was contacted by 90210 as well a couple of weeks ago, very leery at first, definitely thought it was too good to be true, but my name didn't come off of the loan so that would have been my preferred choice. I'm slightly upside down so I considered the company as a second option especially since only one buyer seemed truly interested. I had my attorney research the company and their proposed services and actually found positives. They don't fall under the subleasing law and since Chase can't tell me who can drive my car then I just thought of it as a rental I guess. I've read on scams that screw you but the validity of what they offer was legit. I met with them at their office, professional presentable, if this buyer doesn't go through I'm going to take 90210 up on their offer. Attorney said contracts looked fine and I was protected so I'm going to take my chances. Great trade off if it does work out. I will keep you posted.