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Originally Posted by Buymybmw22 View Post
Just read a previous post, since when does google dictate what's reality?! Internet is a free for all and if we relied on google for the "truth," we'd all be screwed. Love google but I take what I find with a grain of salt sometimes, and make decisions off educated research. The negativity now a days is all everyone dwells on. No offense meant.
I apologize in advanced if this sounds like an attack but the same token goes for you. Why should we trust someone that just subscribed to this forum and its first post just happen to be to credit a company that it's been label as a scam by other entities. Maybe you work for this company or is quite possibly that you are telling us the truth.

Like you said, the internet is a free for all and it is up to each person to inform itself to make an intelligent decision.

If this company is as good as you say it is then I'm glad that you found a way out of your current vehicle. Is not easy to sell a car when you're upside down, been there and done that.
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