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Originally Posted by v12 View Post
For the F10, you need this cable:

That's the one I ordered.
They also have a longer length for $29:

Not sure why they were recommending that cable you linked to.
Or you could off buying it and let's together, we will use mine if you'd like.
Others are invited as well.

Thanx! I'll order the longer version. I got that link from the thread about starting to learn coding sticky. Yes we can definitly get together once i get the cable. Now i just have to pm you on where to get the correct software for 2013 550ix. I want to learn first how to code, so in future i can help our other bimmer brothers. Dont want to screw up software on this cars, that would be a big disaster. Is there any headway on ur thread regarding the group tinting. I want to get my car tinted. I read on bimmerfest that ceramic tints are the way to go on these cars. What do you recommend. Thanx!