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Originally Posted by Alan l.
All I have to say is wow and everyone must do this. This is how the car should have came stock. My car has DDC and ACS springs and I am in sport mode 99.9% of the time. Before the M5 sway bar I would rate the handling of my F10 a 4 or 5 out of 10 at best compared to my previous E46 and E90 on coilovers but now its a solid 7.

The suspension just feels tighter and more solid up front and you notice it this when going over bumps and uneven roads. The car is flatter during turns and the steering feels alittle more direct/precise during high speed lane changes. Before I would anticipate the roll/sway movement but now the car just points to where you want it. It isn't a track car by any means but that wallowing feeling is pretty much gone or barely noticeable anymore. Nothing negative about doing this mod at all so far. Very pleased.

Thanks for the update, Alan. It's great to hear it improves the handling a lot just with a front bar. How is the ride?

Can you host a group buy M5 front bar and F07 rear bar (assuming it works)?