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Originally Posted by NYCE90DRIVER
I know this is not a new issue but ... I am seriously thinking of contacting a Lawyer at this point.

I had my previous iDrive screen replaced for "discoloration" in September. The other day I saw what looked like a water stain on my (replaced) screen. I got a micro fiber cloth moistened with some water and gently blotted then wiped it. To my horror, it left a permanent spot the size of a fingerprint right in the middle of the screen. Obviously, the Anti-Glare coating is WAY too fragile and was removed by the cloth. This is a fu*king CAR after all, the interior surfaces are bound to need cleaning.

I would NEVER buy a Lexus but can somebody tell me WHY they can make an Nav screen with Anti-Glare coating that is also a TOUCH SCREEN ??

Every time I look at this screen in the daylight there is this glowing spot. I am FURIOUS and there is NO WAY that BMW NA will replace it again.

There are countless threads online about people with similar issues and it is downright STUPID that you can not replace the screen surface but have to replace the entire unit for $2000 !! Either make the surface more durable or cover it like previous BMW models. I have had 4 previous BMW's with Nav and NONE of them have had this issue.

Anyone have any ideas ? Perhaps we can band together to get BMW's attention. Please don't waste my time (or yours) by posting that your screen "doesn't have these issues" it's of no help.

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Well, try this first. What leaves water marks are the minerals in the water. Second you should only use water.

Take two MF towels, both new.

Wet one towel with demineralized water. Get it really wet and them ring it so its damp.

Take the wet MF towel and go back and forth, left to right, on the idrive screen with light to medium pressure.

Keep going right to left until all spots disappear.

Then take the dry microfiber towel, with a single sturdy pass (2 at most) dry the lens. Only go left to circular motions.

That should do it.

Yes, the dry part is abrasive, but you have no choice. It should look like new.