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Originally Posted by BigKutta
Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
Well, try this first. What leaves water marks are the minerals in the water. Second you should only use water.

Take two MF towels, both new.

Wet one towel with demineralized water. Get it really wet and them ring it so its damp.

Take the wet MF towel and go back and forth, left to right, on the idrive screen with light to medium pressure.

Keep going right to left until all spots disappear.

Then take the dry microfiber towel, with a single sturdy pass (2 at most) dry the lens. Only go left to circular motions.

That should do it.

Yes, the dry part is abrasive, but you have no choice. It should look like new.

This is exactly what I do and yet I managed to scratch mine. They are very fine scratches and can only be noticed when the sun is behind me and very low, so hardly ever. But nevertheless, the screen should be better protected. My iPhone falls on its face all the time and is good as new.

I know, right? The iPhone is amazing. All other phones (droid) with touchscreens seem to change over time in that they become less sensitive. Not the iPhone.

My iPhone (4) still plays Doom perfectly 3 years later! It is a marvel!

The iPhone is glass though. Ain't no way BMW gonna put dangerous glass in no idrive screen.

There is one more trick I gave used if you don't like MF towels. Use the technique above, but use coffee filters. The wet one should be soaked and then wring it out. The dry one should only be used sparingly at the end to get dry it.