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Originally Posted by Thrumcap View Post
Seems hard to believe it wouldn't be. 550i Xdrive will have 445 hp & 480 lb/ft tq vs. the S6's 420/406. BMW is 120 lbs heavier. Audi lists S6 0-60 at 4.5 and BMW lists pre LCI 550i Xdrive at 4.7. I think an additional 45 HP and 30 lb./ft torque, will make the 550 a 4.2 0-60.
S6 traps 1/4 mile in low 12s @ 118mph
That's in M5 teritory
I dont see how 550i will be able to come even close to these numbers
Re HP: I think its highly underrated.
S6 does not feel like 400Hp car at all, more like high 400s. It's also a lot faster than my X6M
DCT is big help here too, it's lightning fast

P.S. Turbo lag on S6 is a lot less noticible btw

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