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Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
Yeah i don't think your tune is working. You are only getting about 420hp. Which is much much lower than the Dinan advertised 501hp.

Actually Stock 550i were dyno at 380 wheel hp. So you are pretty much stock.

You should get it check out.
Originally Posted by alextremo View Post
Don't worry about absolute numbers. There are too many variables to consider. The gains from stock are really good in those graphs and that's what is important - it looks like you are somewhere north of +70hp at the wheels at peak with a bunch of power picked up throughout the entire curve.

People making assumptions by looking at the absolute numbers only have no idea what they are talking about.
Thank you Alextremo, Smash is hung up on stock dyno numbers without realizing that dynos vary and the main reason for a dyno is to calculate your gains.