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Originally Posted by TheGr8Swami View Post
As a new BMW owner coming from a long streak of Audi vehicles I will be the 1st to say that I don't miss the 4 rings. 1st off Audi service in the DC Metro area was terrible! Dealerships provided so much misinformation and the so-called Bumper-2-Bumper warranty was a joke! My RS4 had issues with the brakes and each time Audi had me pay for labor to the tune of $1100. AoA eventually reimbursed me after Maryland's Consumer Affairs started the Lemon Law Buyback process.

I had issues with my 2011 550xi's seat wiring harness, the dealership contacted corporate and processed my buyers order for a loaded 2012 550xi MSport.

I will always support a manufacturer who stands behind their product! If you go with Audi, find a good Indy tuner and cross your fingers if you have issues!

Good luck!

They're both nice cars which don't really compare well against each other because the S is closer to an M than a 550.

BMW needs to figure out how to start trimming weight. And, it's not entirely BMW's fault.

I notice a lot of the same people who complain about weight are the same exact people who crave every stupid option BMW offers and then some. 3500 radios and backseat TV for your kids? Get a minivan!