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Originally Posted by TOP_AGENT View Post
Audi has a different business model. They tightly control the production supply of their cars so they can maintain pricing discipline and hit goals through higher profit margins rather than through volume.
I think that you're right on target. But the problem is that VW has set itself a goal of largest car company in the world (and largest luxury car company as well) by 2020. So when you're cross-shopping an S6 with a 550 (its true competitor) and an Audi dealer talks about limited production, limited inventory and limited discounts, I just walk over to another dealer like BMW that starts with "yes" rather than "no".

An Audi dealer once told me that I couldn't get the car that I wanted because it was in too much demand and they had limited supply. My response was, "why are you treating a problem as a benefit, and why are you making your problem my problem?". Then I bought another BMW.

Audi is making a very good product. But I think their business model is broken.