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Originally Posted by ///MD View Post
patient waiting for the LCI. pretty excited that the 550 will get the N63Tu.
but in the mean time i decided to go test drive an S6 today.
Gotta admit that it's a pretty nice car. a wolf in sheeps clothing. Motor sounds amazing, the recaro seats are comfortable and beautifully stitched. it handles great and the acceleration is pretty damn impressive. That being said I'm not sure I buy car and drivers claim that it goes 0-60 in 3.7sec and there was more turbo lag than i was expecting. dealer wouldnt let me use the launch control

77k sticker with a 5k dealer mark up which was non negotiable. Custom order is approximately 6 month wait time and if they can find a car in the country that is what i want then I get to pay the shipping cost. Great customer service Audi.

the 550GT in the n63tu picks up about .5 sec on 0-60 times so possibl3 the f10 will be below 4.5? any thoughts.

should I just keep waiting or look for a more reasonable audi dealer since ultimately the cars will be about the same price? the extra power and reported steering improvement would put the 2 cars in the same category performance wise.

Wow, 77k+5k markup = 82k. Might as well put in another 5k-10k and get an real deal - M5 (assuming you can negotiate really well)