Thread: 550 LCI vs S6
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Hmm, so S6 is better than 550. Oh well, as usual I've made a mistake when I bought 550x. I wish I've bought S6, printed "car and driver" comparo and attached to rear window so everybody could read it and understand why I have this car. And than at every traffic light when I line up with another car I will switch launch control on and step on it. I will leave them all in a dust and will keep pulling away until I see all those loosers gone (especially 550 owners).

To be serious, I test drove S6 and 550ix. Twice, each car. They both felt very fast. Both are fine cars. And no, S6 never felt any faster - not at all.
I just could not get over the fact that navigation in my car must have an erection to be on. And seats with no ventilation. And the fact that I must overpay. And wait for 6 moths. And.... enough.