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Originally Posted by Terpinator View Post
I won't base a decision to buy a car on 0-60 times that are within half a second of each other. Especially a midsize luxury sedan like the BMW 5 or Audi 6 models. Unless you're a total tool, blasting off at each traffic light won't be part of your daily drive. How do they compare in the more important 30-50 and 50-70mph numbers? Pretty darn close again. And if you're really planning on track days, go for a M3.
Actually many people buy cars based on 0-60 time. ask any american muscle car owner. my 0-60 question was merely out of curiosity. The overall driving dynamic is the most important to me. Maybe I am a tool and take offense to the assumption that being a tool is bad. Doesn't driving a BMW automatically make one a tool? no track days for me, at least not in a boat but perhaps some spirited canyon runs are in order with the right car.
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