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Did you cross-shop the A7 and CLS, thoughts?

I've been lurking on all 3 boards the last couple months....

What are your comparisons on say....A7....CLS550....550i M-Sport.....both in looks and modding?

I came out of a M6 cabrio last year.....and just jumped into a SL55 as a temporary car....but will be getting rid of that sometime by the summer. I like how a Dinan tune can get the 550i up to 500 hp and 580 torque (faster than SL55 and probably E63/E64 M6).

I didn't really look at the Panamera because they are still in the 70s for even bone stock ones let alone S or Turbos. Why get that when you could mod a 550?

I'm not seeing a lot of CLS around.....are they just not that popular like MB thought they would be? I doubt they have a lot of tuning options, either. Wouldn't mind a CLS63.....but they still are running $100k. I just don't think the extra power justifies $40k more than a CLS550....everything else between the cars is basically the same.

A7...I know Audi is the hot thing right now....but I am wondering how the drive is compared to BMW/Benz. I doubt there are many tuning options for that car, either.

Jag XJ...just something I don't like about that car and the rear pillars....not to mention it's not going to drive or be as fast as a BMW or Benz....I just don't feel it's a young person's car (I'm 32) and I rarely see them driven.

Audi A8....same here....not sure it's meant as a modding car. Looks nice....better than the XJ.....but it seems the A7 might be the more practical car than the A8. I had a F01 750li and loved how large it was.....