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Originally Posted by andyrp View Post
Well why settle for the next LCI; surely after that there will be another and then some time later another and so on. Then at some point there will be a new model so lets just keep waiting. You have to make the move at some point so I personally don't see the point waiting 12 months for what will only in reality be a few subtle changes. A totally revised model is a different matter though.
The LCI is a major change to the car not like the yearly improvements that are implemented every MY change, it happens once to each model mid life then the next major change is a whole new model. Its an individuals choice if people are happy with the old car, if you can great prices on the older version then thats something to consider but in the UK where most people buy the car that doesn't happen and its a no brainier to wait for the newer version. The used prices reflect this as well.