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Can't tell how huge tips are without a rear shot....they don't like any bigger than say a Dinan exhaust tip or Eisenmann so they might be OK.

However, the vents in the hood are ricey...front lip looks ricey, too. I truly believe the M-Sport or M5 front bumper are the sole way to go. Front lips/spoilers have been out of style for 5-10 years now. Again....just my 0.02.....but I think the rear carbon fiber looks a bit ricey, too. I don't get the fascination with CF on some parts of the car. The whole point of CF is to reduce weight. It looks cool....on the interior....but not the exterior unless the car is made that way (for instance....M6 roofs).

I don't think there is ever an issue itself with mixing manufacturers of exterior mods as long as the finished product flows....however, it's pretty rare on any car to be able to mix a few different manufacturers and still have it look right.

I feel darker colors are harder to mod (unless you are blacking it out) than a white or silver...where a couple simple contrasts (say a carbon fiber lip spoiler and black rims on a white/silver/lighter color car) go a long way.

In the end, it's your car and you should do what you like.