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Originally Posted by IaHawk View Post
Late fall - picked it up in Nov but bought the mods earlier. They didn't have the S3 when I bought the mods - I guess it's an easy upgrade though. If you're asking about the before and after when I got my car - the only comparison I had was with a stock 550i that I test drove. I picked up my car after the mods were already installed. I didn't push the test drive so I can't comment much on the difference in the power feel but here was a huge difference in the suspension - especially the roll on curves. I'm planning on upgrading to the S3 just for the pure heck of it. I noticed on the Dinan website that they now have a S4 upgrade now. Do you suppose that adds another 10-20 hp on top of the 10-20 hp bump of the S3?
Sorry, I was asking about the difference between the S2 and the S3. I'd love to know if you feel any difference. A buddy of mine has the S2, and it feels really fast, but I haven't personally driven it (just rode in it). My S3 I know is fast.