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Originally Posted by Die Wolfe View Post
My wife already ordered an Eibach set up for her daily driver 535i. However, now I'm debating if a KW set will be more worth it.

What's so much better about the KW3 set up versus the KW1? I know the KW3 is adjustable but I'm not sure if my wife will be one to always want to adjust her suspension other than a one time lowering. It's an over $1,000 difference from the KW1 to the KW3 so I'm trying to decide on which.

You cant go wrong with KW. If you use the v1 then you cant set the dampening, so if you dont like the ride you cant do anything about it as it is already preset. V2 and V3 doesnt really much differ both can set the dampening (v3 can set the compression). I've tried v2 and v3 - cant tell the difference. I'll say go with v2.