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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Valvetronic is completely different than cylinder dimming/deactivation.
Dimming and deactivation are not the same thing.

This is from the release of the inline 3 engine. Apparently it is part of the Valvetronic technology. Scott must have been referring to a further development of it.

A proven concept with a great future: don’t switch it off - dim it.

"In stark contrast to other approaches, the VALVETRONIC system delivers gains in efficiency, including improved engine response and better engine torque development over the entire rpm range of the engine. The throttle-free load control system works like a dimmer, affecting all cylinders equally; the engine continues to run smoothly and its acoustic properties remain unchanged, something which cannot be said of cylinder deactivation. “Dimming instead of switching off” results in minimum fuel consumption and emission levels, while maximum dynamics, matchless comfort and sophisticated power delivery are achieved. In addition, this proprietary BMW technology can be used in engines of different sizes and power. In a nutshell, these new engine modules put the BMW Group in a position to configure engines of an optimal size, providing an ideal solution for each individual application."