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Thanks for the clarification. Ahhh...the F10 M550d. What a nice combination of power, features, and fuel efficeincy. We can't get the M550d in the States, pity, but on the other hand, we don't have a as many diesel fuel supply stations compared to petrol.

But, back to Alan L's comment. That we may be stuck with the 16mm bar might not be that bad since its about a 12% increase in diameter and, I believe, the torsional stiffness will be increased by even a greater factor (I read on a Porsche enthusiast forum an interesting point: "...The effective spring rate (stiffness) of a swaybar is proportional to the bar diameter raised to the 4th power. If all other variables remain the same (bar length, arm length, material selection, etc., a 10% increase in diameter results in a 46% increase in stiffness" ref: Bosch Automotive Handbook, 4th edition, page 284 for the complete equation and diagram).

So, if a 16mm rear bar is our only choice, then it'll be a viable option for me.
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The M550d is not a F07, but f10 and f11.

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