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Originally Posted by v12 View Post
Hey guys - plenty of people will help-out and do it for free, code a couple of things, including myself.

If it's to code the car the way you want it and I am driving to you to code it in your driveway, showing you how it is done etc. etc. it's some time spent which perhaps deserves compensation. Personally I would give the guy some bucks even if he didn't ask.

got my car back yesterday. They replaced the fuel injectors, all the spark plugs and one IGN coil. car drives like i picked it up on the first day. Also good news, i got the coding cable. Let me know when is the best day we can meet up. i can come anywhere you are. i do not have the software. if you can bring that with you that would be great. i can bring my laptop, but we would need power, my battery is old and doesn't hold up more than 5 mins without plugging it in the outlet. i have a very long list . Thanx!