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khai Dow
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Yeah, actually I haven't seen any AH 5's on the road, not sure if they have sold many yet or not. I was just determined to get the 6cyl engine. Due to the taxes payable in Thailand the AH 5 is 2M THB cheaper than the 535i is. It's about the only consolation I have for the amount if money ill be paying.

I do have some concerns around what mods I will be able to make on the AH5. I know it's based on the 535, but there are also likely to be a few differences. Mods I'm considering are:

-M performance aero parts - can get these from the dealer
-Suspension - Will probably want to improve the ride at some point, but the AH 5 doesn't take the M Sport suspension and Thailand don't have the variable damper as an option. Would like to know if KW coil overs or similar can replace the standard
-exhaust - back boxes or maybe just tips. It will also depend on what diffuser I go for

I'm also looking at options for the stereo as there is no upgrade option available from the dealer for the B&O system either.

Any suggestions on local dealers or distributors would be great.

Will definitely talk to the SA before I make any major mods.