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Originally Posted by moldcad View Post
My 528xi came on the 18" ContiSportContact RFT, and being a tire noise whacko, I've been thinking on replacing them with the Dunlop model you had (either RFT or non-RFT, still debating about all pros and cons). The reason being that my current Contis are extremely noisy (75 dB on the label), while the Dunlops seem to be the quietest tires out there (65 - 68 dB only).

My question to is this: before you replaced your Dunlops, did you notice how noisy the really are? TIA,

I'm bumping this thread up in hope someone who actually drove the F10 on both the above tire models could share his observations on how they compare noise-wise...

I'm a tire noise sucker, but as has been said I don't blindly believe the noise ratings on labels. And unfortunately, I have no opportunity to test drive a car on the Dunlops, so the only thing I know is that my Contis are very, very noisy


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