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Originally Posted by primetime1 View Post
Just took my car to BMW west palm and got them to load both the Dinan stage 2 & the Dhockware for the suspension flash

All I can say is WOW this car is a beast!!! Specially with traction completely off...

The power and handling change is insane! I'll post some pics later not sure how to do it from the iPad

I just had it done

I am the first to have it done in Crown BMW NC
Likely the first in the whole Carolinas region then -

I couldn't fully test the new sports mode as my 3 yo son is with me today and for a doc appointment.

I couldn't tell any difference in normal which is supposedly sport now.

While in Sport new mode I believe I caught myself a little surprised and smiling while playing a little in the parking lot where the car seemed too flat to be my 550i,

BUT sometimes you just wanna feel good about your money ! -

Anybody can tell me whether he/she had it with stock suspension and what his/her experience is?

And one more thing,
I read that some were describing the Shickware 2 steps up above the Lowering springs which were ACS in his case and the latter had been rated by him at one step above stock?
Is it really possible that a mere EDC Software could deliver twice as much as Hardware Springs!! Especially that some guys has ARS which I don't have By The Way.

Thank you so much,
Will post more about my experience.

I do have Stage 2 Dinan too and happy with that flr 6 months now, Zero regrets.

Speak up guys -
Though I asked and Crown BMW NC Greensboro doesn't do refunds on Dinan's products like other dealerships I heard about 3 days money back!!

Ed Vega did the install
A very nice and professional guy who had actually known Dinan since early 80's from Up in NY.

Another update:
I believe it is not just tightening of the suspension but rather changing the whole character and behavior of this car! It just drives better though I am not sure exactly why!!

Any more input on this?