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Originally Posted by donniemcm View Post
Agree with your PS but one F06 = price of two F10
For my car, its 3*times .. 650GC is like 1.7-8M = same as M5!

Originally Posted by mlai View Post
That's the strange thing. The 6GC is so superior in all aspect to the F10 that I have yet to do a single performance mod to my car The stock brakes on the F10 doesn't quite inspire confidence in braking. But the 6GC brakes are great! Which left me quite baffled, as they are the same brakes as I had on the F10 550i stock.......

I am considering brake pads not for performance but just to avoid brake dust on my liquid black 356s

PS. To fix all the deficiencies on the F10, just switch to the F06 Steering, handling, engine response, etc..... All night and day! Even my brother-in-law with his F10 M5 think very highly on the F06 in all aspects after he drove it!
I wonder that too .. the suspension setup is probably totally different on a fundamental basis .. on individual parts like brakes they do a simple job you can maybe feel it is it working properly or not.. the susp geometry cannot change
I would get 650GC if I had the money.. is enough power and high tech, and so few on the road
So you going to do it already?