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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the visuals are minimal, but there must be more than meets the eye; I wonder how the car functions differently (why the update)...?

There's more to the story in that I always ask my Service Advisor if there are any software updates. He always says no. Then recently I asked him why the Key Data Report shows there's a new "Software Integration Level" available, to which he said he's never heard of same, doesn't know what it is and would have to get back to me. When I picked up my car this past week, I asked him what he was able to find, to which he said there are no updates for my car (contrary to what the report states) and that if there were he'd do them, as BMW pays for them. I don't get what's with all the deception and lies!

And, no, this is not a case of a lower rung advisor, but one who's been in the business forever and is an Assistant Manager...