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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
Why does this matter so much to you? There is little chance they are lying to you, they likely don't now, IMHE dealers are a bit rubbish at knowing everything. If they've updated the software its probably because there have been improvements. When I take my car in for service, they update it to the latest software, I'd expect that, I'd want that, and unless when I put the car in Drive it goes backwards, I'm simply not worried about it.

Microsoft update Windows all the time, do you check each time the update is applied to see what tiny little things have changed? Of course you don't.

I'm not trying to belittle you here, but pointing out that this seems like worry over nothing.
Funny enough, I do check to see what updates are applied in Microsoft Update; guess I'm just THAT OCD (dislike bogging my computer down with unnecessary excess).

BUT, w/r/t this issue, I've had pulling to the right concerns and in as much as there have been Electronic Power Steering and other software fixes / patches for same, I'm wondering what the dealer has been leaving out on my written records.

Otherwise, sadly, going 'backwards' is exactly what BMW did with the N54 HPFP fiasco mentioned; so I wouldn't put anything past them...