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I purchased a 3D front lip spoiler for my 2012 535i earlier this year from, Sonic MS at:

I paid $1,000 up front and waited over 1 month to receive it. During the wait I called on several occasions to determine the status, as they did not tell me up front that it was going to take this long. Each time I called the representative at Sonic MS he explained he would check on the status and return my call. He never did.

I ultimately received the part. Recently, I had the part painted by a local paint and body shop. I had them install the front spoiler too.

After the installation, the body shop called me to explain that the 3D front lip spoiler did not fit correctly against the front bumper. Instead, they said that large gaps existed between the spoiler and the front bumper. See attached pictures below at bottom of page.

So, I called Sonic MS and spoke to Jason and explained my situation. Further, I asked why they didn’t quality assure the fitment of their product before shipping it to the customer. His response was, to my astonishment, as follows: “Hey man, I have over $20,000 worth of body parts added to my car. Sometimes they don’t fit right. We didn’t quality assure it because we didn’t have it in stock when you ordered it and it was shipped directly to you from Japan. Take some pictures and send to our email and we’ll get back to you”.

I couldn’t believe this response to a customer who spent $1,000 up front before receiving the part over 1 month later. You would think they could manage a far greater level of customer service.

So I emailed Darwin at Sonic MS. His name is what appeared on my credit card statement. I explained the above and offered two choices:

1. Refund my money immediately and send me a postage paid return label and I would return the spoiler once I received the label.
2. Immediately ship out a replacement with the tracking number to include a return shipping label. Upon receipt of the label I would immediately return the front lip spoiler.

I explained that failure to do either and I would dispute this with my credit card company and write a detailed outline of my experience and post it on and to prevent other from being taken advantage of in the future.

Several days later, as I had not heard from Darwin at Sonic MS, I called to determine if they received my email and what their decision was going to be.

Darwin passes the buck and gets a representative to email from the manufacturer in Japan. This nut job tells me that I am installing the part incorrectly! He wants me to take the front lip spoiler and my car back to the body shop and, via phone, guide the BMW certified technicians on how to install the front lip spoiler!

I explained to this guy from Japan that I installed it myself and it wasn’t fitting how I was told it would otherwise fit by the rep at Sonic MS when I made the initial transaction for purchase. So this arrogant representative from Japan tells me that the body shop screwed up the part because, “they never have fitment issues and their parts are perfect”!

So, I get back with Darwin at Sonic MS and ask how he is going to proceed from here. He gave me the option to ship the part back to him. He asked me to ship it back to him and insure it. He said that if I did this that he would send me a new one, painted to match my car, as a result. He said that he would send me the shippers tracking number as soon as he got it in the mail.

I spent $407 to insure and ship it back to Sonic MS. Darwin received this over two weeks ago. Now I am out over $1,400 on this part and have nothing to show for it! Over the past two weeks I’ve called 8 separate times to determine the status of the new part and acquire a tracking number. I’ve spoken to Darwin once and his wonderful customer contact representatives every other time. Each time, they have all promised to determine the status and call me back, the same day, to answer my question. Every single time they have never called me back.

I have been polite, patient and given them the benefit of the doubt. I am done.

In my line of business you take care of your customer. You also say what you are going to do and then you DO what you say are going to do.

It’s your choice. Would you want to do business with Sonic MS?
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