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Originally Posted by BigDeep1 View Post
My exact comparison is the Morr VS8.2 vs the AG 310 vs the BMW 356 wheels.

I love the Morr VS8.2; however, it is more than I want to spend on wheels. That is the perfect look; however, not the perfect price. I would not mind getting the Avant Garde 310s if they are the same quality and strength of OEM wheels. The OEM wheels I have my eyes on are the 356 wheels.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. I have seen the thread of Avant Garde's pitting and having some quality issues. I know that any wheel can be damaged, so I don't know how much weight to give those threads.
I do not have too much experience with Morr wheels but I know they are a great wheel and fully forged. Can't go wrong with that However with forged they come with a higher price tag. I sell AG M310 wheels pretty often with many happy customers. They are built using the same process as your BMW OEM wheels so they are just as strong.

If you would like I can work you up a quote for your F10