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Originally Posted by T-Man
Originally Posted by 1FASTX5
It will look like this u could buy it at any auto part store for Round 5-7 dollars. in my opinion and what i did is cut off the blue plug and splice both wires together to get better connection. Now check your fuse before you buy it, they come in mini or large so check that and also call the company up and ask what amp does the unit need ( to avoid melting the wires or blowing out the fuse). Gl
Thank you for all your help. That's the unit I got today from AutoZone it was $7. Were you able to plug into a open slot or did you plug into a occupied one. I'm trying to find a open one but the fuse diagram from BMW is not user friendly at all. Empty spots are not labeled and the taken spots are labeled with pictures not words.
No problem glad i could help, i tap into my homelink which i knew 100% there will be no power after car shut down. But like u said if theres spares thats great, but just double check it wont draw power after shut down. I think i got the a pic of your fuse panel each symbol will tell you which slot number is your fuse, and on the bottom it tells u what amp is fuse is drawing. But like i said before contact the company and ask how much amp do u need to run the kit. Goodluck let me know if u have any problems.