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Originally Posted by F10TH View Post
Hi, there. I'm from Thailand.
BSI is real strict. If you swap or change any equipment, they won't include those or related materials in thier 5 years-warranty. Other parts don't count though.
New Bimmer's super smart. They know what you've done to them.
My take on this is 'do whatever you want' and don't care much about BSI.

Stereo for instance, If you drive > 30 hours a week, it's worth installing something neat!
No B&O at the price of $100K+ is silly.

PS. Why don't we have our F10 club in Thailand?
Maybe you should start one....sign me up!

Haven't been in for my first service yet, so will wait and see before I decide to do any more mods. Everything so far was done by the dealer (except for my body coloured turn signals).

Check for Thailand Bimmer club. Suchart Sound have lots of pics online of aftermarket stereo installs for F10's. I might try that next, but not in any hurry...