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Goodbye E60, Hello F10! (a long read)

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What a long strange 5 series trip it's been.

On Saturday, after three consecutive E60s, I traded in my '08 550i 6MT for a 2011 550i 6MT Sport. I came extremely close to opting for an '09 M5, but in the end, the maintenance, cost of gas/insurance, and most importantly, my boredom with the E60 platform pushed me to the F10. I am really excited about the latest acquisition and have spent the last 48 hours searching for answers here to my endless mod-centric questions.

Of course, before we can move forward, we need to take a trip down memory lane. My F10 is my eighth BMW over the last 11 years (seventh 5 series).

First, there was my 1998 528iA. She had 90K on the clock when I picked her up and she treated me well. Mods were limited to LCI Hellas, front and rear.

Next up was my 2000 540i 6MT. This was my first taste of BMW's normally aspirated V8 power and I have been hooked -- until now -- ever since. Mods included short throw shifter, M-parallels, M5 spoiler and exhaust.

House purchase forced me to sell the '00 E39 only to land a higher paying job mere weeks later. Occasionally, we make bad decisions, and this next acquisition was a REAL doozie. Ladies and Gents, the 2001 E38 740i Sport. This car was always in the shop and by the end, I wanted to launch it off a cliff, Thelma and Louise style. Good riddance.

Next came the car that to this day remains, IMHO, the finest sport sedan ever built, the 2003 540i M-Sport 6MT. I will NEVER get over selling this car. Mods included 20" Type-II ACS wheels, aluminum interior trim, CAI and exhaust. Miss you! #NeverForget

Then came the '06 E60 550i 6MT. Just an awesome car, made even better by the RPI exhaust, Style 166s and RPI scoops. Sold her when our first baby was born, largely because I discovered the car had some paint work done prior to my purchase and that made me uneasy.

To replace the 550i, I decided to take the turbo plunge and picked up this '08 535i 6MT, thinking that LCI and better gas mileage would make me happy. This car was spec-ordered and Euro delivered with the m-tech aero package and had almost every option imaginable. I added the 20" Velanos and this car never failed to get compliments where I went. Sadly, the HPFP, injector, tubro issues (even though all of the aforementioned were replaced) never really went away and I got fed up.

Luckily, I was able to trade the 535i for a lower mileage '08 550i, the car that was dealt this weekend for my F10, I know, I know, it looks identical to the 535i! In many ways, the cars were virtually identical, and if not for the HREs that I added, the HUD and ventilated seats, my wife wouldn't have known the difference, either. (Carbon and Monaco Blue are remarkably similar, btw.) Other mods included Orion V2s and RDSport exhaust. This is/was a great, great car.

Unfortunately, I do not have pics of my Cashmere/Oyster F10 yet, but rest assured, they are coming. Options include:

1153 550i USD 60,200.00
Color A72 Cashmere Silver Metallic N/C
Upholstery LCCX Oyster and Black Dakota Leather N/C
Options ZCV Convenience Package 1,700.00
316 Power tailgate N/C
322 Comfort Access keyless entry N/C
323 Soft-close automatic doors N/C
ZCW Cold Weather Package 1,050.00
ZDA Driver Assistance Package 1,750.00
ZDH Dynamic Handling Package 2,700.00
ZP2 Premium Package 2 2,400.00
ZSP Sport Package 2,200.00
465 Split fold-down-rear seat 475.00
4NB 4-zone automatic climate control 500.00
5DL Side and Top View Cameras 800.00
6NF Smartphone Integration 150.00

Total Suggested Price 74,800.00

The car has everything I want but for HUD, ventilated seats and the M-Sport body kit.

Thank you for enduring the length of this post, I really appreciate your feedback. This forum seems very active, I am so psyched to get involved, cheers!

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