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Originally Posted by bake View Post
I actually posed this question a few months back when I realized this. Once the car is started, it can be driven without the key in proximity of the car as long as it is not shut off. So never get a false sense of security that your car cannot be driven away because the key is in your pocket and you are "just running into the dry cleaners". If you go and bring your wife the keys, it will start right up. Nothing is wrong with your car.
I did bring a set over and the car did start right up. I just know in our 528 the car cannot be driven without the keys in it. If you start it up, and then remove the keys from the interior a prompt appears on the idrive stating the car cannot be moved since the key is not present.

As for "running into the dry cleaner" I do that all the time with the car on, especially when its freezing out. I guess I have to change my ways. I just find it strange that the 528 wont go but the 550 will
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