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Upgrade standard audio failed at first hurdle

Hi there,

I'm new to the forum and there really doesn't seem to be a lot of information around for GT drivers. I've just upgraded from an E60 to to a GT and in all areas it is an upgrade except the sound.

In the UK we get the basic stereo which is pretty rubbish. On the E60 I upgraded all the speakers with a Blaupunkt pnp and upgraded speakers including earthquake subs. The Bavsound videos and other howto videos make it pretty easy.

On the GT I plan to upgrade all the speakers and and add tweeters to the front. I'm also considering the earthquakes again and adding a centre speaker and JLB MS-8 + additional amp for the subs. I have all the speakers already and the Technic harness.

That's the background so I started to review and plan doing front speakers first. Opened the door and put the window down. Found the battery the first challenge! and disconnected it. I've reviewed the videos for the F10 (how different can the F07 be?).

I know it is probably more similar to the F01 but no videos exist for that either. So the F10 is probably the best starting point being relatively new and with the ambient lighting etc

Anyway I started with the passenger side door, the aluminium trim came off easy and identical to the F10. Underneath are 2 x Torx 30 same as F10.

On the F10 there is another Torx bolt under the plastic trim around the handle, looking on RealOem and at the plastic this appears to be stuck to the door panel and not removable on the GT. My next plan of attack was the window switch block as Realoem seems to shows another Torx screw there.

Trouble is that window block just won't come out. I'm envisaging that it has tabs at the rear and I need to free it from the front and push back. I thought I'd post here in the hope someone else has done the F07 speaker upgrade and overcome this challenge.

The rest of the door is free but there is clearly a Torx screw buried somewhere in the middle and concerned I don't break the switch of damage the door card.

Appreciate any help.

I'll also put up a DIY guide at least for removing the door panels etc with pictures when, if I get those things off! Thanks