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Originally Posted by Boost_Nation View Post
No way, still not enough evidence. One blurry pic of what looks a white digital gauge isn't what I'm going to bet over. Nothing, other then the shift knob and maybe the positioning of the a/c vents, hints at what could be coming up.

The problem with these test mules is that they're so vague and unexplainable that two things happen. A) People waste time discussing pointless features about that test mule because it's features are too disguised and early anyway, and B) People's imaginations run wild, and that usually means false ideas and mis-information.

So as far as I'm concerned, these pics were cool and all, but still mean nothing to me in terms of what the new 5 or 7 are going to even remotely be like.

Look at the timeline, 2010 will be when the F10 comes out, they need to start closing in on a lot of the design this year. On the instrument cluster, the 5 series will be very much like the new 7 series which is due this year.

Wannt make a friendly wager that the 5 series will have this type of white on black gauges?
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