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Originally Posted by cjava View Post
Direct injection will be used for the naturally aspirated engines as well, so HPFPs will be almost everywhere. I hope they've fixed the flaw this time around.
Not in the US, no DI on NA. (period)

Worth noting to traditionalists is that the dash is asymmetrical and driver oriented, there is a significant turn towards the driver like in the E39.

Those reading the international release should note that it does not translate to US numbers (weight, standard options, etc.) Equipment options are still being finalized as well as pricing and EPA numbers.

The car has gained weight a bit (lost the front clip being aluminum) and only millimeters in size increase.

I have heard that with the ZSP this car really moves and thanks to the more rigid chassis handling is greatly improved. Integral Active Steering also shrinks the car much like it does with the 7.

I am loving the separate consoles for manual vs. auto... there are a few more little tricks hidden in there as well.