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This design is so hideous. The front lights are a disaster, and the rear trunk of the car is so small with such generic taillights (looks some what like infinity-sad-). The horizontal line on the front hood looks sooooooooooooo ugly. From the side, cars front protrudes out like a Lancer.

Buying this car will portray as if a person did not have enough money to buy the 7-series. This car has nothing unique of its own. SAD.....................very unthoughtful and disappointing design.

Thank god I am not a BMW fanatic, because then even a donkey with a BMW badge on it would look good to me. ---LOL--- THIS CAR REMINDS ME OFF A MEDIUM SIZED PIG.

I am just a person who started liking BMW because of the current 5-series, so I owned one with lower sus an sports package. I always thought that the current 5-series would look amazing with bigger grills, so the bigger front grills on the new model is the only thing I like. I was thinking of buying the new 5-series, don't think it is going to happen any more.

I would rather go with an AUDI, BUT I will definitely miss the ultimate driving experience.