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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Congrats to all you new owners (first on 5post)! Having owned other BMWs, how would you say the GT compares in terms of performance/quality? I know it's not built to be a track car or the like, but a 550i GT should still have plenty of performance.
They really should have called this the X7. Rides like a luxury car when in comfort mode, but moves surprisingly quick. The Turbos and the transmission are awesome, you never feel the car accelerate or shift. You start out and feel like your going 40 and look down and the car is crossing 80 and climbing quick. First control we had to find was the speed limiter alert. So far not a slouch for performance. We are still in the gentle phase and I am doing everything i can to keep the wife out of sports+ mode (not sure how long that will last). This car will easily blow my 550i off the road. All in all extremely happy.
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