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Originally Posted by DieselDog View Post
That was then - this is now: Consumer tastes are changing. Body-on-frame SUVs are dead, as evidenced by Ford changing the Explorer in 2011-12 to uni-body construction. Car buyers seeking practical transportation ARE considering wagons, and some manufacturers have been readying vehicles, notably Cadillac's CTS Wagon and the recent news of Lexus strongly considering including of a wagon in it's next IS iteration. I question BMW's consideration of replacing the Touring in the USA with a heavier, more expensive, less practical, limited driveline vehicle. It seems logical that a great marketing department would be able and willing to prepare a business plan and create demand for great-looking, well-engineered, practical and sporting transportation such as the F11.

If they can't, allow me to give it a try. I'll do it for free! They have such a great product here, I can't stop thinking about it!
Caddy built the CTS back when GM was still planning on a selling the CTS in Europe. You have to have a wagon body to sell in substantial numbers there. They were never expecting many sales here.

It is worth noting, however, that the Acura TSX wagon is on the way over.

However, this is a pity. I would just love a 5 diesel wagon. That would be enough to get me to trade in my trusty 3-series touring.
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