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5 Wagon in the USA

My best mate has a 2000 5 wagon and is interested in a new BMW replacement, but NOT the current model. It is SUPREMELY ugly with the granny-glasses headlights. They come off okay, if not controversial, on the sedan, but they are hideous on the wagon.

So the new wagon is wonderful looking. Really it is gorgeous, so logic would have it that it won't be offered in the US.

We would NEVER buy the Gran Turismo. It is a behemoth hulk of gas guzzling metal, plastic and turbocharged cylinders. The best compliment is has ever recieved is to be called the "X6's mutant half-sister." So it really is more of the dumb crap that stupid Americans have been buying for years. So glad BMW could show up uberlate to the party with their excrescence. Only Honda seems to have done worse with the even uglier and later-to-the-market Accord Crosstour.

So we will probably be moving downmarket (sadly) into a Jetta TDI wagon or maybe the forthcoming Acura wagon.

BMW should offer a 535d wagon in the US and they would have a cult following.

Sorry for the negativity on this, but I feel like BMW has been off the mark with their styling for a while. Now that it is being corrected, they are missing the mark again with the size and weight of their cars. (I lovingly refer to my 1 series as "the tank.")

NOT bringing the 5 touring the US seems to be just one more mistake.


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