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Originally Posted by Mr. Magic View Post
I went in with the HUD on my list of things to get. However, I found most everything I needed - including the NAV turn directions - were displayed in full vivid color right on the dash anyway - right below the speedometer on an uncluttered dash panel. Alright, so not appearing to float in front of me, but really close to me and clear. Also, found the HUD display made some distracting reflections on the front windshield for me - the outline/glossy panel. And the show stopper for me was polarized sunglasses - the HUD does not work with them. I cannot drive in the day without polarized lenses to increase the contrast of the pavement and to see inside other car's windows/windshields.

I can understand how some would like this, but it would not work in my case. I also think the F10 dash is one of the best laid out and clearest, thus diminishing the appeal of a HUD. I'd urge anyone to check it out (HUD) on an F10 before putting this in your order.

Point taken and I understand.

I don't have the HUD, it just doesn't bother me(I saw it once on a E60 M5) and with the Pro Nav the nav arrows and written comment where to go etc also appears on the dash down in the middle between the revcounter & speedometer where normally the mileage/outsidetemp etc appears. That's nice and works fine as well. FWIW