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haven't got to wash the car and give it the zaino treatment. will definitely post more when its done.

interior is ivory white / black combo with anthracite ash grain trim. Luv this combo. only worry is maintenance.

initial impression is that the 20" non-runflat pzero is not as comfortable as the stock 18" runflat conti3. with the pzero, there is more vibration feedback on the steering and more road noise. Can certainly feel the bumps/uneven roads more than the 18". i have to say i am impressed with the latest version of the runflats. miles better than those in my e90 i have been driving for the past 4 years.

Having said this, the ride on the 20" pzero is still very comfortable, be it in normal or sports mode. in everyday relaxed driving, normal mode suits fine and feels luxurious. but when you want to do quick overtake or have a more responsive drive, a simple push to sports does the trick. Prefer this than shifting the stick to DS.

Very very different car compared to my previous e90.

All in, wife happy, little girl happy and me happy as well. Many people may slam the look of this car, but i love it and serves my needs more than other cars.

new shoes are only the beginning of my gt's transformation. Much more to come.....
Does your 535GT come with voice command in the package?