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Thanks John. My dealer has been very conservative in committing dates to me and very good so far, except it's impossible to get in touch with him at month end!

Anyway, my car was completed today . it's in stage 190, whatever that means, I guess it means that it's at or on its way to the port, waiting for a vessel!!!

BTW, funny thing, but i have not seen a single e90 over here, and i drive up and down 93 every day!
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Not with FMW, it's Wagner at Shrewsbury. See my post at

It's not a lease situation, I sold my C5, and rented a cheapy from Avis, but that's still money down the drain. They suggested a possible loaner last night based on more delays beyond what was originally communicated as a delivery date. If they had not been so continuously over-optimistic about delivery dates, I would not have sold the C5 so early, and the need for a loaner would not exist.

I think you can only expect a loaner if either they have a responsibility as above or you can negotiate it into the transaction.

Whatever you do, if you expose yourself to open-ended cost which depoends on delivery date, get an iron-clad commitment. Then if the schedule slips, you have a case for a loaner to limit your out of pocket expenses.

I found that "only 3 weeks" means "over 5 weeks" and "late June or maybe first week in July" actually means "first week in July if you are very, very lucky".
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