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F10 550i Valentine One Install ?

Hi all - just recently transitioned from an older BMW to a new F10 550i. I have a Valentine One radar detector that I had installed in the old car, wired to the switched power for the sunroof above the overhead lights, and positioned just to the left of the rear view mirror. It worked very reliably in that area.

With the 550, I'm trying to figure out:
a) Where is the best place to put the V1 on the windshield? I've read some posts that indicate there is a coating on a majority of the windshield that limits radar transmission effectiveness.
b) Can I still pull switched power from the sunroof electrical without computer system issues? Is this the best/easiest way to power the unit? If so, how do I get pop out the headliner/overhead light control panel to get to the wiring (without damaging anything, of course)?
Has anyone else installed a V1 or other radar detector in their new F10 and solved these issues?

Appreciate any help or feedback, and pictures are always useful - thanks!