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Originally Posted by joberon View Post
Radar ignorant question: anyone have any experience installing/using a Passport Qi45 on an F10? To me this product minimizes clutter, but I really have no idea if it’s actually worth the expense.
The Qi45 has great sensitivity and is comparable with any top radar detectors nowadays.

Your choice of Radar Detector should depend on where you'll be using most of the time. If it's city, then I would go with something like a 9500ix or the 9500ci which uses GPS database to not "chirp" when there are known/learned falses. If you're not the patient kind, you'll probably throw a normal detector out the window within the first week. It's a matter of knowing the limits of the detector.

I chose the Valentine One because it will be used mostly for highway use. It's sensitivity and directional indicators more than makes up for it's "falses" in the city. Keep in mind that you can greatly reduce falses by programing out frequencies that your area does not use.

Going back to the install... It shouldn't be too hard to install the Qi45. The radar receiver should install just fine behind our huge grill and you can channel the cable along the inner fender and through the fire wall where you can find a plug that all the cabling goes through. A fishing tape should work fine. My installers got the radar jammer installed in about 1 hour and I would think it should be the same for the Qi45. The big plus about the Qi45 is that you can add a laser jammer at a later time as a plug and play on the radar receiver.

Good luck!

Here's a good link for more info: