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Originally Posted by EDrimmereality View Post
My ship seems to have given up on reporting - I think the captain knows we're watching and is just playing with us: "Let's give 'em a good tracking history right through the middle of the Atlantic, and then just stop reporting somewhere around the Bermuda Triangle! "

I'll just have to be patient. But thanks again for all of your help.
I know exactly what that is like. I was tracking the Figaro last month and it stopped reporting at Puerto Rico and never reported again until it was docked at Port Hueneme. WW's website showed it through the Panama Canal, so I had SOME idea where it was, but I lost the nice graphical reports. So you may not get another report. Keep an eye on the port schedule and the shipping company's status page. That was all I had after mine stopped sending position reports (well, position reports that could get, that is...)
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