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Originally Posted by kjando View Post
Mr Magic,

Your car look beautiful and I am also considering the black sapphire metallic. It passed the "wife test" when I drove one from the dealer to my house for my wife to view.

How do you find the IAS? I know from my owning a 545i for 6 years with the IAS that the quick turning and short steering radius is fun to have to turn corners at low speeds. I suspect that the new version on the F10 with the rear steering will offer the same experience at low speed as m 545i but I was wondering whether you do notice any additional stability and "comfort for the passengers" as the BMW blurbs suggest at highway speeds.
Thanks. I got black sapphire also from the "wife test", actually I wanted white or silver, but she insisted on black sapphire and I'm glad she did. On IAS, yes, it definitely helps agility, stability and is a significant comfort at higher speeds curves (>45 mph) for everyone in the car, including the driver. It gives more margin to hit the curve apex without slamming everyone/myself into the sides. Most people will not notice the difference on typical test drives as it's hard to demonstrate the benefit; to properly evaluate, you have to drive on a curvy (mountain preferable) road at 45 mph or more (dealers are usually far away from these type of routes) or swerve like a drunk at high speed, and most people will not feel comfortable doing this with the CA inside the car. It is a little fun to turn on a dime, but not worth it just for that in my opinion. Also, see my other post on your thread.
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