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September features already included on pre september builds

Hi I have ordered an F10 535i that is build in week 29 and on its way.

I have read about all the new features in september builds regarding ipod cover art and bluetooth audio streaming. A lot of people have confirmed that cover art is already in some cars now. This can further be confirm when reading the press release on under the infotainment section:

Cover Arts.
Cover Arts displays audio files with album cover images.

Models: Since March 2010: BMW 3 Series Coupé, BMW 3 Series Convertible; since June 2010: BMW 5 Series Sedan; from production date September 2010: all models.

Now my question... Can anyone who have received an F10 with production after june 2010 confirm other september changes already in the car?

I can see and have read a lot about people trying desperately to move there slot to september build, perhaps without any reason, because the changes are already in the cars as of june...Anyone who can confirm?

Has anybody got an car with the new september Bluetooth Audio streaming feature?

All responses are greatly appreciated :-)

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